Safety Tips for Running Alone

Safety Tips for Running Alone

Running by yourself can be many things - liberating, a healthy way to blow off steam, meditative, lonely, fun – but sometimes also unsettling or even scary. While running alone is generally safe, it is not without risk—nor are you alone in your concerns. Women, especially, express legitimate concerns about running alone. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the magazine Runner’s World, 43% of women report being harassed, 30% have been followed, 18% have been sexually propositioned, and 3% report being physically assaulted while running alone. When running by yourself, your safety and comfort should always come first. Here are some tips of how to stay safe when running by yourself.

Let someone know your route - Before you head out for your run, make sure you let someone else know where you’re running and your intended route. Also, tell them approximately how long you’ll be running. Check in with them once you return safely. If you bring along your phone or another trackable device, you can let them follow along as you run as well. You can browse our range of phone carriers here.

Stick to well-travelled routes - Stick to your running spots so you don’t have to worry about getting lost or running into an unsafe and/or unfamiliar situation. Running by yourself is not always the time to try out a new, unfamiliar running route. If you are concerned ensure you choose a safe, well-lit route, where you know they’ll be lots of people around. Also, when possible, vary the time of day and route that you run.

Be visible - It’s easy to miss a single runner on the road, so make sure you’re visible. Run while the sun is still up, when possible. If you’re running in the early morning or at night or even at dusk, dress in light, bright, and/or reflective clothing or use a reflective vest. Wear bright colors like white, yellow, orange, or neon green or blue. Also, some items such as race vests or waistpaks already have reflective pieces on them. Some runners also choose to run with a small flashlight to make sure they’re seen by oncoming traffic. Additionally, choose well-lit routes, where you can be seen by others. Run against traffic for added visibility from drivers. You can browse our range of phone carriers here.

Listen - In addition to keeping your eyes on the road (and looking around for any signs of danger), be sure that you can hear what’s going on around you. You’ll want to listen to your surroundings to monitor the traffic, people, and animals along your path. To this end, avoid wearing headphones. If you choose to listen to music, set the volume to low and/or only listen in one ear.


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